Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Interview with Fernando Carpaneda

q) What is your name and what do you do?

a)My name is Fernando Carpaneda. I’m a sculptor.

q)When did you really get into art?

a)At 13 years old I had my first artshow in Brazil.

q)How did you come to the realization that you should try your luck at art on a more serious level?

a)I don`t know what a more serious level means, I have always just done art my whole life. But my dream is still to be living on the fringe of contemporary art, cause in the underground art level you can find more the of best artists and the best quality artworks then in highbrow art.

q)How did you discover the particular style that you have?

a)When I was a punk at 15 years old I told myself. " If you want to create something new and particular, never go to college to learn about visual arts, cause those people will manipulate your mind and put a carrot in front you, for you to follow like a horse."

q)How would you describe your style?

a)Like Billy Name told me in my last artshow in CBGB`s Gallery:


q)Who or what influences your art?

a)Caravaggio,Slava Mogutin,John John Jesse,Francis Bacon,Ron Mueck and Lucien Freud.

q)How often do you create a new piece?

a)Normally one piece a month.

q)What kind of success have you had with your art?

a)I’m a full time artist.I never had a regular job in my life and this is a success!

q)What would be the ultimate goal for you and your art?

a)For me the cemetery is good anough, for my art I think Louvre or Metropolitan Museum are okay. Haha!

q)What do you see as an accomplishment in the way of art?

a)Freedom to create.

q)What kind of message, if any, do you try to convey through your art?

a)I don`t care what people think about me and my art. I think this is the best message the people can have.

q)Sum up your art in one word.


q)Any additional comments?

a)Be honest with yourself and people around you and your drems come true.

q)…your contacts…

a)I’m fininshing my new website: but people can find me on my space: